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Originally Posted by Sprinkler Buddy View Post
Why make a switch, your Dad is satisfied and the lawn doesn't look all that bad? You might end up with a company that doesn't satisfy.
Well, he said he'd rather employ a local company, he just didn't know of any decent ones around there so he picked TG. Also, he doesn't know much about St Augustine since they're from GA and used to tall fescue and bermuda. When they lived in Atlanta (the house I grew up in), they used a local turf care company to do applications. I was in charge of mowing it, then aerating and overseeding in the fall from about age 12 til I moved out at 18

Originally Posted by Landscape Poet View Post
That would be accurate on about 90% of there lawns...I have seen them do decent work...the problem is it never holds up over the long term. Weeds and disease mgmt are not there strong points.
The long term aspect is what I'm worried about. I'm not too familiar with St Augustine since I don't deal with it up here.The only stuff I know about it is from when I studied for my Pest exam here in GA. It's not as bulletproof as Bermuda from my understanding.

Not to mention, my dad travels during the week and is only home on weekends to mow the grass so he can't keep as close of any eye on issues that might arise with the lawn.

Originally Posted by mjlcare2 View Post
Mantis Lawn and Pest.. they used to be good.. dont know anymore but worth a shot.. used to live in eagle harbor and service that area as well about 5 years ago.. wish I had never moved.. I could have made millions there..
Thanks for the rec

Haha you're right about making millions. People were making money hand over fist back around there in '03-'06. Unfortunately, my parents moved down there and built their house in '06 due to my dad's company relocating him and they're now about $100k upside down in their house. When they first moved there, they were renting a house in the neighborhood while their house was being built and their neighbors across the street were actually the owners of the house and bought it as a flip house.

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