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Looking to Setup Organic Tea Brewer & Organic Tea Sprayer, need help!!!

Hi Everyone,

I've done a few searches one Organic Tea Brewing & Organic Tea Spraying: and there's a ton of helpful information on Lawnsite.

GeoTea Brewer sounds like a great machine for the price and quantity you can produce (up to 250 gallons undiluted). Then you can mix with water for spraying at 3 to 1.

But I'm just starting to get this going in Rockford and a lot of people have no idea on organic tea brewing/spraying or organic compost spreading is, so I don't want to get stuck making such large quantities of organic tea and producing huge amounts of waste=losing money.

So should I go large for future growth or use KIS (Keep It Simple, Inc) and buy Microbulator 50 Gallon Brewer for around $600.00? I can still dilute it and get 200 gallons of organic compost tea for a sprayer...which would give me a good starting point.

So what Organic Brewer do you recommend?

Now the second part.... I want a Organic Tea Sprayer (and it can be trailer mounted) to have an aerator to keep the organic tea alive while I'm driving for best results in the customer's yard.

And I've read that Turbo Turf HS 300 gallon skid mounted sprayer is a great way to go. You can use it for hydro seeding or organic tea spraying by changing the hose sizes. The smaller size for longer runs to spray organic tea and the larger size to spray hydro seed.

Will the Turbo Turf hurt the organic tea? What psi do you recommend to spray at?

And do you think a riding spraying machine would work better in customer's yards? I could still have the sprayer and then a rider to spray the customer's yard also.

And if you think a rider could handle the material of organic tea, what company do you recommend?

So it's three questions:

Best Organic Tea Brewer?

Best Organic Tea Sprayer?

Can a Riding Spraying Machine handle Organic Tea's Material...without plugging and not filtering all the good stuff out with a strainer or mesh bag?

Just trying to get my ducks in a row for Spring 2013.

Thanks for any and all help!!!!


P.S. Peter Schmidt from was very helpful yesterday on the phone, he said I could always got to a garden or a local fair and set up a booth and give out free samples of organic compost tea. I should have My Information on a label, so customers could try the product in hopes they would see good results and want to buy more organic compost tea. Which is a great idea!
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