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Originally Posted by Complete Ground Pros View Post
No, I don't mind at all. It was just a bit over $7,100, installed and with the smartlock. I saw a lot of used one's online ranging from $3,000-4,5000. I went new for a couple reasons. I financed most of it, not wanting to tie up my funds for the upcoming landscaping season. Also, 2 year warranty. Plus, besides regular maintenance, plows tend to last for a while.

To be honest, and this is just my opinion, if you don't have the work to justify a plow, stick with the blower. The work may be harder, but run some numbers and I bet you come out on top with greater profit. Save that up plus add the accounts for next year and buy a plow then.

I was debating between just buying a $600 blower and doing a few drives and walks, but then the work turned up and it made sense to get the plow.

Just my opinion though.

Good Luck,
Thanks For the advice dude good luck on your snow season. Have you gotton any commercials yet? Also one last idea there is a video put out by SIMA by a csp(Certified Snow Professional) about cold calling
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