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Stihl HS45 warranty claim denied!

First off, I know the HS45 is not the professional hedge trimmer and that is not the problem.

At the end of last season (less than one year ago) we purchased a second HS45 hedge trimmer to replace the first HS45 that had a broken handle (the lower portion of the handle on the white plastic was cracked). Last week the handle broke on the newer unit so we brought both in to our Stihl dealer. The dealer told me he would have to contact th Stihl rep to see if they would cover it under was denied. I was told it was from hanging to unit by its handle (it does have a hole for hanging in the handle). I am now down two hedge trimmers and I am considering switching to a different brand...we have about $5000-$6000 worth of Stihl equipment from Chainsaws and concrete saws to trimmers blowers and hedge trimmers...naturally I am a bit pissed off. I don't abuse my equipment but I don't baby them either.

The dealer offered to sell me the lower plastic housing at his cost ($39 each) but I will have to replace the part myself which I don't mind doing, but I don't think it's tr dealers responsibility to take it on the chin because Stihl denied a claim.

I am now in the market for another brand hedge trimmer that's as lightweight a the HS45 but with a better handle design. I will be selling the two repaired HS45's to finance the new hedge trimmer/trimmers. I refuse to use these two units only to have them break again due to a poor handle design.

Has anyone been denied a warranty claim by Stihl?
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