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The puller yer using is way too girly for that job. Though ya might try tightening it up and then smacking the screw head with a BFH.
A wheel hub puller works pretty good, some auto parts stores have a loaner program, just leave em a deposit.
But what I have done numerous times is drive a large cold chisel between the motor mtg bolt/s and the back of the hub, ya cant be scared, drive it in TIGHT!
Then screw the castle nut just flush with the end of the shaft, and nail it with a BFH ! I mean hit that sucker, it should pop right off. You may have to touch up the drum a bit with a file, but no biggie.

One more thing. Lose the claw hammer!! You ain't buildin' a doghouse! It ain't nearly heavy/big enough for what I'm talkin' about!
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