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Originally Posted by kennymo81 View Post
Okay. Mostly all of my customers are in Essington or Norwood. They all want bi-weekly. I mulch on all but one of my customers. I find it difficult to mulch bi-weekly, especially with my older 21s. There is so much moisture in the grass around here and it seems to stay there for a good portion of the day. I have an older 5.5 Snapper Ninja that bogs down all the time. Im guessing that mulching with a 48 or a 36 is much easier.
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Don't mulch grass clippings, side discharge. My 26HP Scag would be dead if I tried mulching grass cutting bi-weekly. A 36" or 48" walkbehind cuts the grass and spreads clipping way better than 21". They sell mulch kits for walkbehinds but people don't use them since side discharge with walkbehinds makes lawn look great.
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