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Originally Posted by 32vld View Post
Those boulders clash with the brick wall. Artistically there is now reason for them. If the customer had to have something more then just a plain wall end then make the brick wall end as an over sized brick columns, or decorative lighting on the ends of the wall or both.

Those rocks lock like what are we going to do with these left over rocks? Their too heavy to take back so lets just stick them there.
I appreciate your point of view.

I respectfully disagree, but I am not on here to argue. The limestone boulders were used to unify the front design which uses irregular limestone boulders extensively. Also just to the left of this area are rough hewn limestone stairs. It gave everything a nice cohesive feel and brought the two spaces together. I always hate how walls just terminate and I wanted a way to separate my work from the average joe block jock. I feel working natural materials (especially into this park like back yard) is the responsibility of all designers.
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