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Originally Posted by MJ Services View Post
those all look like nice jobs bud. I'm a shop teacher as well but I only do maintenance work. I mainly mow, and mulch, remove a few trees, do some power washing and I love the high weed mowing. brush clearing. I make lots of $ on that. I just got set up to plow for this coming winter. I do this part time as well. But be careful on here, I've been criticized a few times for "double dipping" and being a greedy teacher blah blah. I'm not sure about NY but I know it's tough to make a decent paycheck as a teacher in PA. Either way, keep up the good work.
Thanks for the advice MJ. Many local families support me both in my district and as landscaping customers.

If people have made comments about me teaching and landscaping I ask them this:

1. Do you want your investment guy to love investing and read the wall street journal every day because he loves money? Most say yes.

2. Do you want your gym teacher to be physically fit, run marathons, and inspire the kids about health? Again they say yes!

3. Do you want your kids shop teacher to build all kinds things and know about contracting, equipment, safety and tools. Most say ok I get your point!

Point is everyone has a passion, mine started with LEGO's and led to teaching my love of building and my love of landscaping. Or I simply say I do it for the free workouts.

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