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Originally Posted by jud149 View Post
I sprayed the flywheel seal with starting fluid and the machine either bogged down and then recovered or died so I presume the seal is the problem. My question is, before I replace this seal, is there anything in the area of it that could cause the bogging down or the dieing of the engine when being sprayed with the fluid (thru the straw attachment on the can). I ask because the machine is fairly new from a run time standpoint and the seal looks perfectly in place. Further, my Echo dealer doesn't stock them and says they've only sold 2 this year. The only questionable thing is that there was a little oil/grease residue on the seal when I first looked at it. Again, thanks for the help.
Tough one.....Maybe try putting spray around the carb mounting onto the cyclinder. The spray could have gotten around there. I would agree new units should not have seal out. It is hard to get that flywheel off to get a real look. This is a new carb correct?
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