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Hi guys, I'm still new to this site, so please bare with me. I'll add my 2 cents to this, and I also have an issue with my backpack blower. I've got the BR600 Stihl, it's about 4 or 5 years ago. I bought it locally as a demo unit.

I've run the HECK out of that thing, over the past 4 years. As of lately, I have had quite a bit of trouble getting it to start. The float in the carb acts like it is sticking, as it floods itself to death, while sitting overnight.

I went to start it this afternoon, and when I went to give it a pull, the engine rolled over about 1/3 of a turn, and then locked up. I can tug on the starter rope until the rope almost snaps, and the engine won't budge.

Since day 1, I've used Stihl HP Ultra 50:1 oil mixture to one gallon. Never any problems beforehand. Is it shot? If so, I'm going to be in the market for a new backpack blower come next year. Any advice for me, or info would be great. Are there any other brands out there that are better than the Stihl? Thanks guys!
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