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I talked to Growing Solutions Inc. today...and after hearing about their Compost Tea Brewer System 100...their setup sounds good too.

Michael Alms said that they would have a "Winter Discount" starting in he said that he would let me know what my final costs would be.

There sales pitch was, you only need three things to brew a great compost tea. Well maybe four...

1. One of their machines... System 100 (is the one I'm interested in).
2. Good supply of organic compost to fill the four stainless steel compost baskets.
3. Growing Solution Inc. sells their own "Compost Tea Catalyst" that has all the ingredients to brew your tea. Based on how large of a brew you are making, will determine how much Compost Tea Catalyst you will need. So for a 100 gallons, it would be 30 oz. (1.875 pounds) of their Compost Tea Catalyst. 9 pounds cost $120.00 plus shipping.
4. Chlorine free water....after filling the compost tea brewer from my fire hydrant in front of the house.... Growing Solutions said it would take from 30 mins to an hour of running the pump to get rid of the chlorine. Then I could start brewing My Tea.

Clean up looks fair simple and fast. And replacement parts are fairly cheap $20 to $30 range....every few years. Replace Aeration Disks and Air Stones. Not a deal breaker there.

The cost is a little more up front ($4,500 before Winter Sale Price), easy to make compost teas, and very easy clean up....which would save a lot of time. Maybe in the long run, it would make up for the larger expense of the compost brewer???

Does any one know about this company or their compost tea brewers?

Thanks for any help!

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