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Originally Posted by StanWilhite View Post
Alright GMLC, you should know I'm not gonna let you by with saying how bad Bad Boy's design looks (using straight lines and angles) compared to the more curved design lines on Gravely's....and then turn around and say this Kubota mower looks good, when it's basically the same design as BB!! Come on fair...some of us are watching you! actually looks like it was styled after Bad Boy, or DC....which is fine by me.

On a little more serious note though, what's the deal with the low profile rear tires? Looks like that would take away most of the shock absorbing quality of a regular tire with low air pressure. I don't get that, but maybe I'm missing something.
Sorry the front end looks nothing like a BB. One caster comes straight off the frame and the other is curved. Im not going to hijack this thread.
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