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Originally Posted by jbailey52 View Post
Well there you go. I didn't say it was a JCB because I didn't want to just bash them without giving time to make it right. I guess it's like your wife, you love her, until she's your ex wife right? Still haven't heard from my salesman so I guess I need to contact JCB directly. Today I was speaking with a client who is an attorney and I mentioned my issues. He said he actually has experience with lawsuits involving heavy trucking equipment malfunctions and warranty issues, so I guess we will see what happens.
JCB is not a very popular machine so not many of us can comment from experience about it's reliability but regardless of Brands, how your dealer treats you should have nothing too do with brands. If anything your Dealer will get bashed first as there your first and primary line of support. In my opinion you seem too have been waiting long enough. I would be on the phone first thing this morning bending everyones ear that would listen. Better to get it resolved as soon as possible.
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