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Originally Posted by DA Quality Lawn & YS View Post
For one thing, the Briggs motor is VERY easy to start even when cold - and its colder here than it is in huskerland. Two pulls at most every time my machine has started and I am still aerating as of today. Machine will also pull 2" plugs easy without weights in moderately moist soils. A little more with the weights in.
If I were you I would contact Bob on here, something is amiss with your machine, your experience isn't representative of the XT5 performance at all.
I also have had no issues with starting the B&S engine. I also have not had any issues with Turfco's customer service. Their response times have been excellent to any questions I've had. Considering the poster has only made 2 posts on this site, and both of them were to bash Turfco, I am very hesitant to believe what was posted.
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