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Originally Posted by MOW ED View Post
I'm gonna say he did not mulch first. I know the Walker is good at vacuuming but I have found that my Toro 62 with atomic blades are better at mulching. Then I take the Walker and pick up. I found a reduction of at least 10:1 if not greater depending on leaf moisture. That 63 hoppers would be 6 or 7 after a good shredding. I found it takes less work doing that and its easier on my old Walker which is still up to the task but I like preserving it.
No, I didn't mulch first. My buddy is busting me all the time for that. I did try it on an area with poor grass, left the hopper door open for a while and ran over the leaves. The walker chops them up guit well and I had a mess. In order to pick up the small pieces I had to drop the deck to the ground and I don't like that. I don't like to see scalped grass. I prefer to just go over the lawn one time. I have onsite dumping on all the properties that I do and it doesen't matter how well everything gets chopped up.
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