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I will say this. I have one place and now my own place which I moved to this year and mulching leaves is just not an option during the final few weeks. At my place I'm not too concerned with bits and pieces of leaves all over the yard as I have a good chunk of property. At a customers house, I can't have that, at one with a small yard where you can't spread it out. One thing that changed my perspective was picking up a leaf loader. No not a fancy 18hp billy goat, a very old well cared for 5hp parker unit. The ability to remove them without the need to drag a tarp, jump on the piles, etc... just made removing an easy task. If I needed to remove on more properties I'd need a larger loader for sure as this isn't the quickest loader but works fine. But like I said above, I can mulch for the first couple of weeks without a lot of debris but after that removal is the best option. It just looks better in most situations. Again everyone will give a different answer or opinion but when you have the right equipment for removal why not. I noticed another landscaper doing leaf removal on some of my neighbors places using a lawn tractor dragging one of those towable leaf loaders. Maybe not the most efficient but those lawns were SPOTLESS when he was done. He uses a regular zero turn for mowing if any of you are concerned about the lawn tractor. So it really depends on the place, your equipment, and what your standards are. I'm beginning to like removal better.
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