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Originally Posted by Exmarkboy13 View Post
When shopping for backpacks, I looked at all brands and felt Stihl had the best combination of comfort, performance, ease of maintenance, starting, and durability. Plus easy part access and a great warranty. I have used the 550 and my 600 magnum side by side, and even blowing light grass off of a street or drive, you can tell a difference. The 550 honestly seems like a waste to me. The extra power is really worth the 50 or some bucks. If stihl didnt exist, Husqvarna would be my second choice in handheld. But to me, The br 600 magnum is the ultimate.

Dont let the low sound fool or specs fool you. In real world conditions, its just as efficient and powerful as the 8001, 8500, 770, or 580bts. why? I have honestly used them all and can tell you that in reality one may be alittle stronger, but weights more. It all equallys out in the end really. There all very close in real performance. If you cant move it with a Br 600, You need alot more than a backpack blower.
There's more than a little bit of difference between a BR600M and the Husky 580. Yes, it's huge, heavy and loud as hell, but it blows a lot harder than the Stihl...a lot. For a good sized solo guy like myself, having that extra power makes a big difference, especially when the conditions are less than favorable. And even though it is heavy I don't find it uncomfortable. In fact I find it more comfortable than my old Shindaiwa EB630s because I don't have all that weight on my shoulders. The padded waist belt on the 580 makes a big difference in being able to wear it long enough to burn a whole tank, which is about 1.5 hours.

I don't see how it equals out. I can get more done faster with an insanely powerful backpack blower. You can really pick up the pace because most of the time you can blow as fast as you can move. If you're a bigger/stronger guy who really likes to go for it and bust tail when doing cleanups, I'd highly recommend it. If you're a smaller/weaker guy who isn't in much of a hurry, buy something else.
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