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Originally Posted by longtine:) View Post
Kennc38 I would like to know why you are very hesitant to believe me? Have I given some reason for you to doubt me? I don't know why the fact of my only posting 2 times on this site has to make my statements less credible. I had a dealing with Turfco that so far has not made me happy, and I have posted accordingly. Perhaps I should make an assumption, like you have, and say that usually a liar is the one that has the toughest time believing someone else. I have a video that shows me trying to start my Turfco xt 5. I pulled 25 times and it did not start, and this was in 45 degree weather. I will try and get it posted after I contact Turfco and see what they want to do about it. I have found that I would rather give someone the benefit of the doubt, so I will believe that today wasn't you at your best. Sincerely Chad
Sorry, but my opinion was based on several things:
1. You made not one, but two posts slamming a product and the company who makes it. Not sure why you chose to post about it twice, but to me, just a little strange.
2. These were your first and only two posts on this forum. It's been my experience on this forum and others like it, that most of the time, this is an indication of a competitor slamming the competition or someone who just wants to stir up trouble.
3. Your experience is not indicative of the other product and company reviews I've seen for the XT5 and Turfco. This isn't to say they couldn't have had a bad day during manufacturing, but it's not what I've seen from others who have bought the XT5 nor has it been my personal experience with either.
4. You wanted to not only be reimbursed for the cost of repairing the equipment, but you also wanted to be reimbursed for your fuel. Again, just sounds like somebody who wants something for free as for me personally, I wouldn't have expected to be reimbursed for my fuel, but to each his/her own.
5. You stated you couldn't start your XT5, which again is not indicative of the reviews I've read or my personal experience, so maybe it was operator error or you just weren't at your best that day?

I can neither prove or disprove your experiences with your XT5 or Turfco, but once again this is just my opinion that your post was to say the least a little "fishy". If I am in error, then I completely apologize and wish you the best in working out the issues with Turfco and your XT5. As another person posted, I suggest you contact Bob with Turfco that frequents this forum. Good luck.
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