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Originally Posted by Gilmore.Landscaping View Post
Around here most people buy it by the Cord or Face Cord... usually this means its dumped in your driveway and you have to stack it. To me bundles are always very expensive and are only a last resort when your camping or something.
I want to give it a shot. I think I can sell it and only one way to find out. Worst case, I'll just use the wood myself.

Originally Posted by Landscape Poet View Post
I would if you are a legitimate business that pays taxes. The reason is simple. You will show income from your sales...if you do not have proof that your had a cost associated with it when the IRS comes knocking....that would be considered pure profit and taxed as such. With the receipt you would have the ability to deduct YOUR purchase price as a expense of doing business just like any other supply.
Makes sense, and yes I have a legitimate business that pays taxes. I'll make sure I get some sort of receipt when I purchase my supply.
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