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Originally Posted by GMLC View Post
Sorry the front end looks nothing like a BB. One caster comes straight off the frame and the other is curved. Im not going to hijack this thread.
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How can discussing the mower (that is the sole subject of the post) be hijacking?

I think the Kubota looks fine. I just see a lot of straight lines and angles in the design, that reminds me of the design of BB....which you said made BB look cheap. To me, at a glance at least, the outward appearance of parts of the Kubby (especially the deck) look extremely close to a BB.

I just had to pick at you a little for saying the Kubby looks good and BB's look bad, when, to me at least, the designs have lines that look really similar.

The profiles of BB, and DC aren't as sleek looking as some of the other manufactures, but in reality, that doesn't have anything to do with their grass cutting abilities.

But ok....I'll leave it alone.
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