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Originally Posted by MDLawn View Post
The thought of pouring money into a nice loader to have it destroyed because of the junk in the piles is not worth it.
In our case, we sent out 500 mailers locally to offer the service. In there it explicitly states that all debris and garbage must be removed. So far so good, the piles have been clean of debris.

As of right now, out of 15 households, only one was a waded mess of leaves that took more time to load.

Overall, yes, we're probable not charging enough for the service, but it was more giving back to the community type of deal as the local village can't afford leaf pick-up services.

Where we make our money with the leaf loader is fall cleanup work. We charge per man hour and come out pretty good knowing that others are out there charging half of what we do to do cleanups.

Ultimately too, we live in the lowest part of the town. When everyone burns and the air settles at night, then our house smells like a big fire even with the windows closed.

All the debris also goes to a local organic farm where they compost and re-use the leaf debris for animal bedding.


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