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I would strongly look into getting a commercial grade 21 inch mower. I use mine all the time and know I will continue to use it in the future. Some of my yards have gates so small not even a 32 inch will fit through it. I honestly do not know how some guys get away with using the residential grade ones, I have had too many headaches with them. They are much better built than most residential mowers these days. I plan on replacing my personal Toro super recycler I use for my yard with a commercial 21 next year. Plus the cut quality of the commercial units is phenomenal, I love the cut of my Exmark Commercial 21. I plan on getting another one next year, the X series with the BBC. I also recommend a Toro proline 21 like the 22198, built like a tank!

For a 32 inch I know Snapper Pro and Toro make great 32 inch mowers, plus the Snapper Pro is around $2500, much cheaper than some other companies. If you were going bigger I would look into a floating deck hydro Exmark, Toro, Gravely, Hustler or Ferris/ Snapper pro, depending on the dealers in your area

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