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Originally Posted by MDLawn View Post
I service weekly at have always charged 2.5-3x their current rate for mulching leaves, ZERO complaints. It may only take me an extra 10 minutes the first time or two but then its up to 30-40minutes extra. I may take more in the begining but it evens out in the end. Works for me and ZERO complaints. Then a final clean up is done and $300 is just a start.....

I also started a thread on curbside removal. The thought of pouring money into a nice loader to have it destroyed because of the junk in the piles is not worth it.
well you live in a different state than me where the market is different for one thing.

another is it takes me 10/15 min extra each week all fall long. I never need to spend more than that.

each week the property is left virtually spotless so there really isn't a final clean up that's more than the weekly clean ups.
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