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Originally Posted by yardguy28 View Post
$300 for a clean up.....

that's part of your problem.

I service my clients weekly for fall clean ups and I charge them like $10/$15 extra for the 10/15 extra min I'm there dealing with the grass catcher and blowing out the mulch beds.
Personally we charge 330 MINIMUM to do fall cleanups, we come out twice, one mid leaf fall and one final cleanup.... This year sucked as we started later and basically had about 3/4 the leaves already down because of the crappy summer and early spring. BUT this makes the 2nd round much much faster, we also mulch a bit first then suck'er up and dump into our 550

I dont see much of a price difference to be honest....if we did like you do, we would have minimum of 5-6 weeks of cleaning up, 35$/ mow MINIMUM (our starting mowing price) plus $15 = $50 times 5-6 and your already at $250-300, plus your LOSING more money for drivetime in addition to increasing possibility of lawn damage (mowing grass thats not growing over and over again without much leaf cover)

As for this thread, im interested also in the leaf pick-up service as well, we get some new customers bauking at our prices (Customers we havent done work for) before seeing how much work we actually do and itd be nice to give a cheaper alternative. But first we need a leaf loader, seeing how money is short now, were waiting till next year and hopefully laying some serious cash down on a 20+ hp model giant vac

For the junk situation in the leaf piles, i would for sure put a clause in our contract thoroughly explaining that any trash found in the pile is subject to an extra charge.
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