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We got 3 gravelys, 48 and 52" hydro walk behind (non pistol grip type) and a 60" 260z

The cut quality one the 60 and 52 are 10/10, the 48 is 8/10, it will leave straglers if your not carefull, although this could be the because the pitch of the deck, i havent check it in a while.

Build on them are 10/10 heavy duty everything from what I can see. We had a few problems with the 52" controls ( airleak in the hydro lines) payed $100 to bring it too local gravely dealer and they thought they fized it with a new resevoir cap (makes 0 sense) and ofcourse that didnt fix it.. I later educated my self on hydro static mowers and found it was caused by a loose hydro oil filter. Was FURIOUS at the dealer. I no longer bring ANY of my mowers there and do all of my own repairs (so far its been that, replacing a spring and replacing a stripped mower blade spindle (not the mowers fault, employee over tightend with a air ratchet and stripped it) only reason I go there is for parts

We also have a 3 bag bagger on the 60" and it works AMAZINGLY well, the 52 and 48 have the standard baggers that work good but not as good as the 60"

Id recommend getting a Gravely. but as with all mowers, educate yourself on how to diagnose and fix any problems you have.

Also, i must say the customer service at ariens is top notch
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