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Yeah You really Need Both... I have both and love it..

Enclosed trailers are nice for the reasons stated above.
I have also loaded leaves and tree/ debris in my ENCLOSED trailer before... With my Tractor in it! "You gotta do, what you gotta do!" My open trailer is really just a skidsteer trailer so its really not the best for hauling 8' trees and landscaping debris.

there is nothing better than:
-not having to load and unload daily
-Having a Place to Hide from Annoying customers.. (Shh!)
-Having a Dry place when its pouring outside
-Having the Ability to carry extra shovels and hand tools/ Mobile Shop
-We even have a A/c unit on one of our trailers! (bought the trailer used at a steal)

There are pro's and con's With everything... I personally think if you can afford to buy a 14' Enclosed trailer you should go that route.. You will never look back. Even with the extra gas milage. This reminds me of when i was 19. I debated on this same topic. I then realized all of the pros overcame the cons.... My first enclosed trailer was a halmark 24' it lasted for 14 years then the back door fell off. Now its used for onsite storage. Costed 300 bucks to letter it and made that money back soooo quickly.

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