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Originally Posted by OakNut View Post
Good luck finding ammo now.
.40S&W can be pricey and with the reelection, prices will go up even more.

Just something to consider.

I really have nothing to help you decide.
I had a G27. Wasn't really any more easily concealed than my G19, ammo was expensive, and the recoil was unpleasant, so I sold it.

Nothing wrong with 9mm with modern ammunition. Nothing wrong with .40S&W either so long as you know why you are choosing it.
I agree, 9mm is just fine (and less expensive) fact, I choose to carry a Diamond Back Arms .380 (9mm short), I'm accurate with it, it's easy to put in my pocket and its super lightweight.

As far as ammo...9mm is more popular...can help/hurt when trying to find it. The plus side is its NATO. I reload so I have plenty.
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