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Originally Posted by zackvbra View Post
I have a almost 5x3 foot 10 guage metal sign on the back gate with huge letters: "ZACKS LAWN CARE (complete lawn care & pressure washing) and number". Its so big i can read it clearly from about 20 yards away. Suprisingly, it doesnt make the gate as heavy as you might think. If anything, it reinforces my gate. But regardless, it hasnt gotten me any client calls. All my new clients get my number from craigslist or the yellow pages or the newspaper ad I run during grow season.
Good idea with the large rear sign on the open trailer. You really don't see many guys around here doing that. I will tell you this, I've got a marketing degree, and if there's one thing they drill in your head in school is the idea of "Brand Awareness". The more people see your signs, the more likely they are to think of you when they need something. That's why I like having the enclosed trailer, fitted with our logo and information on all sides of it.

But cutting to the max is also right, it's a great place to hide from annoying clients haha. Not to mention it makes a great place to piss. Probably explains why there's always 20 gatorade bottles filled whenever we clean the trailer. If you wanna get real lazy you can do what a buddy of mine did. Cut a hole in the floor and attach a beer funnel to the hole. Homemade urinal.
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