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Originally Posted by recycledsole View Post
Hey guys,
i want to buy a dual axle trailer, but i need to be sure of marylands regulations first. i know not all states are the same, but i am seeking clarification from someoen who knows, on the following:

i want to get a dual axle trailer
the trailer needs to have breaks right?
do i need to install a break controller inside my vechile? (heard this costs less than $100)

my tundra weights weights around 6000lb and has gvwr of around 7400lb
the trailer will weigh about 1,400lb with a gvwr of 7,000lb
combined gvwr will be about 14,000LB. i know there is some regulation that has to do with the 10,000LB combined gvwr mark. does anyone know about this?
thanks so much
call the DOT and get a handbook. read it, then call them with your questions and get the correct answers.
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