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Originally Posted by piston slapper View Post
Not too bad...almost aced it again Fish....
The sumtim you never used. Is a pair of Briggs condenser pliers..used to compress the spring so you can insert the wire.
The 4way jet removal screwdriver is junk...bends before it'll ever remove a jet.
The funky pocket. Screwdriver is actually a Walbro left handed thread tamperproof cap remover..
The spanner driver fits poulan and echo clutches...impact pops them off with ease.

Id like to see your throttle wire z bender...the one picture puts an ok bend...but I usually have to tweak the bend with pliers to get a good fit...
I thought that's what it was, only it looks bent and maybe flattened. I got a couple of em', one Stihl, one Echo. I never use em, I always use a small sheet metal screw and small vice grips. I got one of them there clutch thingys too, only the one I have is more of a flat disc with the pins and hex welded in, Echo made it.
I should have taken a pic of my z bender, nobody would have got it! Its a piece of flat steel ( actually a handle off a 1/4 turn ball valve, tough steel) with a slot cut in the end. Simple ,huh!
I make the first bend with my heavy duty linemans pliers. Then I lay it in the slot and bend it over. The thickness of the steel makes the correct depth of bend. It's a pain to use, but I got tired of havin to tweek the bends also.
I'll try and get a pic tomorrow.
Back in the day, I always said I was gonna get a pair of the condenser pliers, never did.
It ain't rocket science! far.

'Course if yer house has more wheels than yer truck...
" Old age ain't for sissies "

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