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Originally Posted by RSK Property Maintenance View Post
go with the 9hp honda little wonder, model is 270h i believe. honestly more power is better and will create a little more cfm, but its not worth pushing the extra weight around and the higher price tag. if you want your customers wondering how you got the job done so fast and how their lawn is cleaner then ever, BUY the little wonder. I did and that's what every new customer i get says, and they all say they have had several different big name companies do clean ups for them. As for the backpack blower, I have used echo pb770h which, the husky 180bt, and br600 which are all comparable cfm wise and price tag wise. they all cost about 530 after taxes in my area, the stihl is the lightest, then the echo, then the husky. the husky is also the most powerful, which is great if you are doing you clean ups with a backpack only, but you are not. so I would go with the lightest.....I have owned my echo pb770h for 7 years. and it still works great. my husky is 4 years old and still works great. both are much heavier then a br600, and now that i have all the tools to do clean ups the right way, I'm switching over to stihl br600's because they are light and quieter. and all i need backpacks for is blowing grass off, and blowing out beds, and leaves from corners. anything other then that my little wonder is used and once the pile becomes too large for that, I use my leaf plow and push the leaves wherever they have to go.
This is also how I roll on leaf clean ups. 2 BR600M, 13hp BG blower, and a leaf plow.
Cheetah 61in 34hp
Vride 48in 24hp
Trac vac leaf loader 16hp
Billygoat 1302sp blower
Stihl handhelds/322l & 580BTs husky
2003 GMC C4500 14ft dump
1998 Chevy 1500 Z71 with 8ft EZ dumper
2003 GMC W3500 18ft box cabover
6.5x12 landscape trailer
Jrco leaf plow
Bedshaper edger
Part time for now and solo for now.
Forth year!
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