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Herman Cain made a very pertinent argument that there needs to be a new recognized 3rd party that represents the Republicans and democrats that no longer feel there parties are in there best interest. Most conservatives do not feel that the Republican party is properly representing them as most Democrats are not super liberal. Maybe thats why only half of American Voters cast there vote for President. Obama won with 50 million votes. Thats 25% of America. Romney to be was like a better plug for the leak than Obama would be but still neither are what America needs and we all know that Incumbents rarely ever lose. Time to put on on your "Big Boy" and "Big Girl" pants and get too work. Obama failed too comply with releasing his regulatory agenda twice this year.

As a small business owner it may or may not impact you but this and amended tax codes, change in capital gains tax and many more things will affect us. Good Luck.
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