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Chipper size

Hey all,

I have a small tree job to do this weekend. I'm going to rent a chipper to make my life easier. I have two 20ish foot pine trees to take down. about 6-8" diameter. not too big but lots of branches. will be a PITA to haul away so I figured I'd chip them onsite into my pickup. She also wants her butterfly bushes cut down and three other small shrubs cut. so a total of 2 pine trees and about 7 bushes need chipped. the bushes aren't an issue, they're only about 1" sticks max. the pines are what have me wondering. I certainly don't need to rent a 12" chipper. I don't have to chip the trunks of the trees, just the branches. But my options are a 3" for $55/day from one place, and from another place they have a 4" for $115. I'm thinking the 4" will be a mini sized tow behind chipper and the 3" will be a "pick it up and put it in the truck" type of thing.

Right now I'm leaning toward the 4" but I just want to make sure it'll be large enough. Everything being chipped will be less than 2" but every pine branch will be a Y shape. I'd just hate to waste $ by renting something that isn't gonna do me any good. If these small chippers are a waste, I can just load the trailer and pickup and make two or three trips but I'd rather not have to. I can also use the chips for mulch around my barn at home and I have some junk at home that needs chipped while I have the machine. What do you guys think? Will a 4" work for me?
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