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Originally Posted by Sprinkler Buddy View Post
Your very close to me. It's possible but I think it would take a few years before it became profitable. Picking up 35 accounts in a retirement community quickly would be the tough part. We have been flooded with new guys around here, willing to work for very little to survive. I can't blame them, a good job is scarce in Ocala. Being that you work in the surrounding area already, I would just pick them up as they come by word of mouth. Profits will increase as you pick them up in the same neighborhood with side by side lawns hopefully.
Sprinkler Buddy I know it would be tuff to gain customers quickly. If I can not gain at least a full days worth fairly quickly it would not be worth it for me. The neighborhood I had in mind has over 4500 hundred houses. If I did a direct mailing campaign consisting of 3 to 4 mailings to every house in the community, do you it is possible to pick up some customers. All the statistic I have read say expect around 1-3% respond on a direct mailing campaign. If i could land 1% of the households I would have 45 customers.

The problem is I already have a decent business with 5 employees at peak season and I don't want a low profit route affecting my business.
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