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Which mower would you buy?

I hate to ask a question that has been asked a thousand times (and I have spent a great deal of time reading old threads here and searching already) - but I'm looking for the right mower for my situation.

Typical city lot, just under 1/3 acre (with a house on a good chunk of it). Somewhat of hill leading to the back yard (basement lot) but nothing too bad.

It will have a fence soon but I'm going to have one of the gates be a large double gate.

I already have a cheap 21" Craftsman push mower, Stihl KM90R with the straight edger and string trimmer, and an Echo blower - so I have the trim work taken care of.

What mower would you buy?

I don't want something huge due to garage space (I want to park it in front of my truck, so it can't be super wide, but it's not like a 61"Z is a fit for this yard anyways). I guess budget is always a concern to some degree, but I'm not really too restricted by it. I think something under $2500 would be ideal if I had to put a number on it.

I'm kind of leaning in the direction of a Snapper RER (either 28" Hi-Vac 12.5hp or 33" Hi-Vac 17.5hp - both using the Ninja mulcher kit). I grew up spending a LOT of hours cutting 8ish acres every week with a 8hp 28" one (later upgraded to a 11hp when then 8 wore out). Would this be a good solution for this small yard, or is there a reason a small lawn tractor style would make more sense?
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