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What the new guys need to know.

Here is the way I run my business and things I learned.
1. Always be honest with customer.
2. Always do a good job even if you loose your a&&. It may lead to something bigger.
3. Respect the competition. Learn from there mistakes so it doesn't cost you. The guys in my area have been great to talk too
4. Have a place to work on equipment.
5. Look for deals. Don't go out and buy it unless you need right then and usually you don't
6. Don't be scared to walk away and tell a customer hey I can't handle this it is out of my league but so an so can. So so maybe able to do same for you if they have stuff they don't want
7 make sure you know how to run your equipment before you use it on someone else's yard
8. Watch the low balling. I may have done it and sure we all have and not meant too
9. Know what it costs to run your equipment.
10. Make sure your happy with what you do.
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