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XT5 Aerator from Turfco

Originally Posted by longtine:) View Post
Kennc38 I would like to know why you are very hesitant to believe me? Have I given some reason for you to doubt me? I don't know why the fact of my only posting 2 times on this site has to make my statements less credible. I had a dealing with Turfco that so far has not made me happy, and I have posted accordingly. Perhaps I should make an assumption, like you have, and say that usually a liar is the one that has the toughest time believing someone else. I have a video that shows me trying to start my Turfco xt 5. I pulled 25 times and it did not start, and this was in 45 degree weather. I will try and get it posted after I contact Turfco and see what they want to do about it. I have found that I would rather give someone the benefit of the doubt, so I will believe that today wasn't you at your best. Sincerely Chad
I am very sorry you have had those problems with the XT5. This post is the first I have heard of it and we need to make things right for you. That B & S engine has been giving us very good service so far with few complaints. So I would guess there is a problem with the one you have and I am upset that we sent a machine out that was not assembled correctly. With warranties running at less than one percent on that machine they must be puttins most of them together right. Have you been in touch with Jim our service / warranty guy at Turfco? Has his response been acceptable? If not get back to me by phone or E-mail and I will get involved. I am from Nebraska and we got to keep our Huskers Happy. e-add ph 520-836-8162
Call me if you like. Bob
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