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Originally Posted by Digdeep View Post
9-9-9 was the name of his plan and it had some merit.
Yes it did. I didn't want to get too political in this thread (God knows we need it) but because Cain's plan made sense and was a radical departure from the norm, he was destroyed. A few years back they made Steve Forbe's flat tax seem like a crackpot idea from a crazy old man.

For every $1000 extra I spend in taxes, that's one less durable good I can purchase or repair I can make. I do not see how "they" don't recognize that you can lower taxes, spur growth and spending, and reap even more revenue. It's so simple but because it doesn't demonize the high income earners and coddle the takers, that rationale thinking won't be embraced. Russia had a 15% flat tax or something very similar. They get it but they use strong-arm tactics to ensure the power of the party favorite whereas we use free cell phones, promises of paying someone's mortgage, and amnesty as enticements to keep the status elite in power. It's pandering at the lowest level and it's obvious and frankly, disgusting.

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