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Originally Posted by DA Quality Lawn & YS View Post
As a solo, those first 3 years sales figures are really right on with what I did too. Get the business, grow, add an employee, then you can really watch things take off.
My biggest problem is the employee issue.

Not quit big enough yet to have someone full time, but almost there. It's basically a hurdle I'm trying to get over.

That and this year I'm finally seeing the having the taxes/Insurance/ and general payroll isn't going to take away from my take home pay as much as I feared.

Yes you need to charge enough to cover those expenses, but it's tough when market value for services is so beat up and the competition is stiff.

Luckily I've positioned my biz to a point where the customers I get now understand the quality and effort we put into jobs, so it makes it easier to charge what I need to.

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