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Super Z Made New (Pictures)

2006 Hustler Super Z with newly installed Kohler 28 EFI engine, hydraulic pumps, wheel motors, Michigan Suspension Seat on flex base, blade spindles, electric clutch, wiring, relays, hoses, belts, control panel, and muffler. The deck was leveled and the pitch set at 1/4", any rust spots were prepped, primed and painted.

The mower really looked good before I cut a large area of very dusty grass and leaves with no wind to move the dust away.

I will say this mower starts and runs better than my new Super Z with the 35 carburetored Kawasaki. Fuel injection is by far superior, which people should realize from the vehicles they drive, I doubt seriously anyone would say they prefer a carburetor over fuel injection.

I've seen remarks made about Hustler's HyperDrive Hydraulic System being smoother than the old style hydraulics, since I own both a new HyperDrive System, and now new pumps and wheel motors from the old style system, I can tell you without reservation this is not true. My old mower operates just as smoothly as the new mower, the only difference being is the old hydraulic system is somewhat freer feeling (which my wife likes better), it takes a little more effort to move the steering levers on the HyperDrive system.

I have more blow-out on the new VX4 deck by far, and yes, I know you can drop the skirt down into the "A" hole position to help this, but I've heard others speak of hitting objects and bending the skirt. I try to run fast enough to leave the blow-out behind, but in many places this is impossible, and now with the dry weather and leaves to move, I will use the XR-7 deck which does an excellent job with no blow-out.

I checked the speed and actually picked up 1/2 mph with the new engine, whereas with the new pumps and wheel motors and old engine I had lost the same 1/2 mph. This means the mower is back to its original speed of 13.2 mph.

I would love to hear the theories on how the old engine could not achieve the same speed; even with both engines turning the same rpms (3650)?

I attaching a photo which is not doing the cut justice due to grass being in a very dry state, while also going into dormancy from cold weather. I am moving leaves, and the XR-7 deck is doing an exceptional job of breaking them into smaller pieces and moving them completely out of the cut in one pass.

I am still extremely impressed by the older style XR-7 deck, and the ride with flex forks, flex seat base, and new Michigan Suspension Seat is excellent, even at the 13+ mph top speed, and yes, contrary to popular belief this mower will cut grass at its top speed and do an exceptional job.

I noticed on the Hustler web site they have now lowered their Super Z speed to 14 mph on the Parker wheel motor machine, and raised the speed to 16 mph on the HyperDrive machine I have. How they do this I honestly don't know, I have yet to check, or have anyone else check a Super Z that achieved its advertised top speed. My old mower is at 13.2 mph, and the new HyperDrive machine is at 14.2 mph, these speeds are not checked by GPS (which will get you to within 1/2 mph depending on satellite location), but are checked by distance and time, the same as it done when calculating drag car speed, the most accurate means possible.
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