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Originally Posted by darryl gesner View Post
So do you bring you mowers out with you on another rig when you're using the dump trailer? That's similar to the setup I had one year but working solo it was a lot of work to get all the leaves to my trailer and suck them up. I seem to do better running my Lazer in my dump trailer, grinding and bagging them. It's not like sucking them up isn't work. You have to either handle the nozzle or lay it down and rake to it. It just seemed I was more worn out doing it that way and didn't make any faster progress. Granted there are some properties where it's more efficient, but overall I didn't like it. If I had a dump truck rather than dump trailer that might be different.
How many clean ups were you able to do in 1 day solo with your rig though? Seems that being able to offer curbside pickup (in my area) would be a hot service! If you have to maintenance the property too, then route where you could have 2 trucks and 2 employees---1 with equipment and 1 with debris---we do this frequently for larger clean up jobs where debris must be removed.
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