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Originally Posted by anyway View Post
recieved my claims resolution agreement today,they want to pay $3500.00 for a 25ft spruce,$7000.00 for a 40ft spruce,$90.00 each for 2 yew (taxus)bushes which i removed in march cause they are ugly,then a recommended care program for 2 more yew (taxus) at $110.00 each which were also removed in march,total compensation is $11,200.00.they are paying lco $2,450 for tree removal which i will not get in check,but all added together brings my 15% additional comp to $ 2,450+10,680+300+220=13,650+15%=2,047.50=$15,697.50-2,450 to lco for taking trees down =$13,247.50 in my,do i have a lawyer look this over,i have plans to sell house and want to be protected,along with any other future problems that may arise if we decide not to sell,health related,our well water,etc...or maybe i could be awarded more damages,the offer seems close to fair and would like to accept,like i said before,bought the house a year ago,inherited this problem,wanted the trees cut down anyway,just so happens a weed killer killed them and got them removed for me plus money,but am concerned about the future and by signing it releases dupont for any future litigation........any suggestions helpful,i think i will have an atty look over everything just to be safe......thanks

I have not seen a direct response to my real question by others that responded to my original post. I'm deciding whether I want to wait on the long process or just contact an attorney now. Most of my damaged landscape were rated 1 or 2 with a few of the larger trees rated as a 3.

If you don't mind sharing the info, what were the trees designated for replacement rated? What were those rated that were offered a maintenance program? If I am going to wait months for only a few bucks in maintenance, I'm not wasting the time.

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