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Originally Posted by ksss View Post
No I dont think the voters much cared about Gingrich's knowledge base, like AWJ said its a popularity contest and knowledge of the issues seems to take a "back of the bus seat" to much more trivial methods of deciding who is most fit to lead.
Just like the teachers, politicians should be held to a standard and graded on their performance. Term limits. The President has a distinct advantage in air time, fund raising, and when you have no real policies other than obstructing progress, you are the darling of the far left. My grandpa was a "Yellow Dog" democrat and he supported Carter.. Geesh.. but I don't think he would support the current administration. I want to believe in the office but there just seems to be so much dirt that it's hard to trust that a single member of the current administration wants us to prosper. I don't know anyone who isn't hurting.. at least in what I would call the middle class. I have hired guys that basically brag about eating steak every night because they are on food stamps. Even had a relative state that they couldn't work much or they could risk losing their welfare. GEESH.. That's the problem right there. If everyone had to pull their fair share, we would be at the top again and you could leave the tax code alone and revenue would stream in because of productivity but instead we are facing a crisis where about half of us are pulling the rest along for a ride. It makes me sick. I work hard and my family works long, hard hours and I watch them write big, fat checks every year while other people get free medical care and steak and eggs every night.

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