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Originally Posted by michiman View Post

I have not seen a direct response to my real question by others that responded to my original post. I'm deciding whether I want to wait on the long process or just contact an attorney now. Most of my damaged landscape were rated 1 or 2 with a few of the larger trees rated as a 3.

If you don't mind sharing the info, what were the trees designated for replacement rated? What were those rated that were offered a maintenance program? If I am going to wait months for only a few bucks in maintenance, I'm not wasting the time.

3 of them removed were rated 3,and 1 was rated 5,the rest for maintenance were rated 2,if you have any other ? feel free to ask,the more we learn from eachother the more we can understand how this will work out,still trying to decide if i should sign mine and return it just to be done with it,i have several emails to dupont and messages trying to find out a time frame on a check,so far i have been told by lco 6-8 weeks,mike brenan from dupont told me 2-3 weeks,and some people i see have been waiting months for there payment,just trying to get a for sure answer as if that will happen,for my particular situation i have talked with atty and he said i could just sign it and be done,or i could go for more and extend this whole mess atleast another year,i think i am going to sign it and be done......
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