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Communication Policies for Commercial Accounts?

Looking for answers today, after my pops (business partner) met with one of our at risk commercial properties.

I'm wondering how others around the country handle their communications. I usually go on the "everything is going as planned, and I don't need to bother them..."...I don't have many commercial accounts, so I'm still learning how to read these people--I relate much better to homeowners. Does anyone have a specific plan of action for this type of situation?

Usually I'll message or call a contracted no more than 6 times or so per year unless we're discussing a design for install or something else. On this property, there is nothing to talk about--everything is done on time and the place as a whole is nearly perfect, and fully landscaped.

One of our HOA's changed presidents recently. The previous president never informed us until I messaged him with an update on the neighborhood (I received his response 10 days later telling me his wasn't the president anymore, I didn't have the new president's phone number for another 2 months--and now it matters). Our service is being questioned due to this, even though the president and my partner agree that the property is up to prime and we have followed our contract, which renewed just in August 4, 2012. I was slow in communication 1 time about 3 months ago, and it was brought up today (after I have communicated with the president 2 other times in email). My phone calls aren't returned, but I'm suppose to improve communication?

I'm looking for scheduled ideas and techniques to satisfy people that you don't see when you service the property. 97% of our customers don't contact us on a monthly basis, so we're trying to figure out a communication technique that will keep them informed--the 3% are high end customers usually---in the past 3 months, averaging more than 10% of gross.

Lets just hear some communication ideas.... obviously, doing a good job isn't good enough for some people---lets all take something away from that. Perfect property, and a bitchy president.
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