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I've kinda done a combination of what stuve and TSS said.. (excuse me for not remembering names)

I havent really pushed my business, but I call a few commercial and government contacts I've got every once in a while.. Even if it is just to chat, it keeps you fresh in there mind.

But I dont have enough money or a large enough company to really pursue those big jobs and those guys know that. But they still slide some things to me every once in a while and hopefully the more I do the more I'll grow and be able to tackle larger jobs.. I havent really pushed my business as best as I could yet though.. The money just isnt there and I am just not comfortable doing that yet. I let my work speak for itself and let customers just refer me.. Seems to be working out pretty well other than the past week I've had nothing to do.
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Just run the god damn sh*t out of the machine and the hell with all the other crap, make money instead of worrying about crap that only accountants think about!
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