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Thank you so much for your responce, it is greatly appreciated.
As soon as I saw your responce I headed straight to the Marlborough City Hall.
I explained to the city clerks office that I was interested in looking into starting a lawn Care service in the area.They handed me a business Certificate Application Guideline .
In short once the business is said to be suitable for the town, I would have to go on the website and research the business you are interested in starting and find out what licenses and or permits are required.
Which I did, but can not find a section for lawn care services.
Second I need to obtain a form from the Ma department of revenue, a certificate of good standing, basically checking if I owe the town any taxes, once that is obtained have the city tax collector sign off on it .
Third Workmans Compensation Affadavit must be completed
Once those steps are completed and the 20 fee is paid I recieve a certified copy of the business certificate.
You know its funny I had so many questions and I get there and my mine goes blank.
I am planning absolutely to obtain insurance before stepping foot on a lawn, but I saw no mention of insurance in my pamphlet.
Can I start conducting business with this certificate of business.
I saw on the website that the D.O.R Department of revenue, gives out classes to small business to explain my tax responsability, but no classes are scheduled anytime soon.
I do have a really interesting question, for you all now that I have your ear, you have done this and are doing this and know what your doing.
I have 11,000 dollars put aside , I know its not alot but its what I have at the time, had a little more but life happened...
If you guys where me , knowing what you know now . How would you go about using your savings.
I have been doing this for 20 years, but for some one else. I do not own a truck , consider this when planning my
thank you
Also I to grew up in framingham, class of 92 at Keefe tech
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