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Originally Posted by jbailey52 View Post
It has been 3 or 4 hydraulic issues. Never an actual ruber hose. One was the fluted end of a hard line snapped off, a different hard line broke which they told me they had to remove the engine for and I don't even remember where the other hydro leaked was. Then the valve that controls the float feature burst. Last weeks issue I was driving from one house, to the end of the street to another house we were on and while in the high gear (the thing is very fast when engaged) it stopped dead while I was in an intersection. And when I say stopped dead the brakes locked up and I almost went through the windshield. The computer kept saying water In fuel, but the mechanic that came on site find a blown fuse, worked fine when replaced except when you engaged the left joystick it blew the same fuse everytime. This time I think was a wire harness issue.
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I think your going to have to make your case to JCB why this machine should be replaced. Like I said, get all your facts together and have a sit down and lay it all out. Hopefully your machine problems is an isolated incident, because they are not likely to give you your money back, the best I think you would see would your machine replaced with a like machine. I went through a similiar situation and was rolled into a newer and better machine. They basically charged me for the hours I put on the old one (we negotiated that number) and what I paid for that machine was put toward its replacement. Pretty simple.
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