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I typically only do 2 or 3 cleanups a day working solo when I get to the point of final cleanups. Most of my accounts are 2+ acre lots with a wooded border that I can blow or dump the leaves into, but they get a lot of leaves. I only have a handful of accounts where I have to haul leaves away. Only one of those has a lot of leaves.

I don't usually have time to be doing curbside pickup. Every year I tell myself that when I'm done with all my regular accounts I'll go chasing piles, but usually I'm running flat out until the week before Christmas trying to get everything done for my regulars before winter sets in. By then it's kind of late to go chasing piles. Besides, my leaf box is now skateboard ramps, lol.

I think it's all about knowing what your options are and trying different methods, but sticking with what works for you given the properties you service and the equipment you have. Some people from other areas can't believe that I just blow and/or dump the leaves on the property, but if you saw them you'd understand why.

I have 6 accounts in this subdivision....lots of leaves but lots of places to stash them too! That's an interactive link so you can move around and zoom in/out. The brown areas are pretty much all trees, but the photo was probably taken in the spring when the leaves were off. Not exactly a cookie cutter subdivision. One nice thing is that fences are pretty much nonexistant
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