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Spring Valley;
I can tell by your list of 10 that you're a craftsman who takes pride in his work and the service you provide your customers. I especially like #10.

But I do take exception with the tone of this whole thread about being cautious about what you buy and scheduling.
There's the old saying, older than the dollar, that goes "In for a penny, in for a pound".

And "Nothing ventured, nothing gained".

Don't be too timid about commiting yourself to the job.

For instance, my nephew wants into the business. He currently has 3 lawns he mows with a 19" push mower. He was thinking of finding a used WB and maybe a trailer for his car.
He's worked for me as a kid and has a couple of years experience on a crew in Cincinnati.

My advice to him was to buy a new mower and a used truck. Study and take the pesticide license test now while he has the time to do it.

Basically to decide where you want to be in the business and head that direction like nothing is going to stop you. Like you would dive into a pool instead of wading in timidly.

Nothing motivates you to hunt for jobs like that mower payment coming due.
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